Beet-Red Faced Internet Marketer
Bangs Head Against
Locked Doors of Stalled Train After Text from Client Says,
“Adios, Your Response Time is Too Slow!”

A marketer’s worst nightmare come true!
(and how you can avoid it)


Hey Warriors!

The “Mining Gold Products” Team, Ed, Ed, and Martha, brings you today our MiningCloudGold solution to save you from hearing those dreaded, “kiss of death” words when a client says “Adios.” You’ll discover how to preserve your video work, your business, and save your sanity, by using the Cloud!

Quickie story though –

Here’s how the kiss of death, “Adios” happened. Not quite National Enquirer quality, but almost!

Late last fall, our Internet Marketer (who will remain anonymous to protect his identity!) arrived early one morning at his offline client’s office in New York City. They’d scheduled a day of shooting videos for a promo for the client’s business.

The marketer had spent many long hours wooing this prospect and finally closed the deal.

Today’s shooting was a milestone in their business relationship.

Note the stresses this person had throughout this process – can you relate?

The video project went along without a hitch. At the close of the day, the Internet Marketer bid his client goodbye and hurried to catch the train to get out of the city because a huge storm was in the forecast. Stressor #1

Alas, as his train was making its way back to Jersey, the storm ripped through the area, virtually shutting down everything, toppling cell phone towers and interrupting Internet service all over – just as he was planning to get some work done. Stressor #2

Our marketer found himself trapped in a stalled train and stalled in his video editing process, before he’d even gotten his laptop out to begin work. He didn’t even know if the day’s shooting was still on his hard drive as he’d left the client’s office before backing it up. Stressor #3

His stomach twisted into a knot, just thinking about the possibility that he’d lost a day’s work, and probably his client. Stressor #4

Hours later, Internet service was restored long before the power was. With a “yippee” to be able to get online, he reached for his laptop bag. Oh no, in his haste to get out of the city, he neglected to grab his laptop and put it in his carrying case! It was back in his client’s office. Stressor #5

Wonder what he was saying and feeling right now?! You can fill in how you’d be feeling and what you’d be saying!

What could he do?! The client was expecting to see edits to the edited videos asap (yea, some clients are sooooooo demanding – even though there was a storm to deal with! Been there, done that, got the t-shirt on that one!) Stressor #6

The folks in his train car were already chit chatting with each other to pass the time, since they’d been waiting sooooo long to get moving. Without hesitation (because he was desperate and had nothing to lose), he asked his seat companion if he could borrow his laptop for a bit.

In the spirit of generosity, the seat companion agreed. Whew!

Crap, another snag – the marketer’s videos, editing software, everything he needed was on HIS hard drive, on HIS laptop, back in his client’s office. He couldn’t access anything. Despair set in again as he saw a whole day’s work evaporating, as well as the good will he’d been able to slowly build with his demanding client. Stressor #7

“Damn, I wish I’d paid attention to what folks were writing about the Cloud being the way to go…..,” he wailed regretfully. Too late now……Stressor #8

Our marketer has a blazing red face now, his blood pressure is about to go off the charts and his stomach is in knots…..

Could There Have Been a Happier Ending To This Story?



Soar Into the Cloud To:

  • Break Free……from being tethered to YOUR computer/laptop

  • Break Free…..from server outages, storms, acts of God
  • Break Free…..from carrying a flash drive
  • Break Free…..from storing software and costly programs on your hard drive
  • Break Free…..from backup scheduling
  • Break Free……from lugging your laptop around
  • Break Free……from potentially forgetting it in a client’s office

HOW? What’s The Solution?

Today, if the same event occurred, there would be zero chance that being without HIS laptop would’ve hindered our marketing friend. No chance that his business would be getting the “kiss of death!” slipping away.


This marketer wised up and made a huge shift in his business model. Huge difference!

The programs and software the marketer uses now are all Cloud-based.

What The Heck Does That Mean?

“Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet.”

That sounds fancy, schmancy for “cloud computing uses the Internet, rather than software programs, or server-based services to “store” content.

The Cloud Offers:

  • 24/7 access to your video and other types of files from any computer (Pc or Mac), any place on the planet with an Internet connection

  • Faster access to your files
  • Automatic backups
  • Bringing your business into the cutting edge of technology
  • Increased security to offer your client
  • Enhancement of your image when offering your services to prospects – always up and running 24/7
  • Portability
  • Virtual freedom and mobility
  • Ease of use
  • Less stress for you – whew!
  • Reliability – skip the hard drive and server crashes
  • A much smaller chance for a client to give you the “kiss of death” message you because you lost their data.


Take Your Work,
Especially Your Video and Photo Work,
Into the Cloud

A solution for our marketing friend and for YOU is here for you today. Set aside your worries about your video and photo projects being available 24/7.

You’re covered when you check out what we have for you!

  • 21 video step-by-step tutorials

  • Covering 3, yes 3, different cloud-based resources
  • Video editing, image hosting and screen capturing
  • Everything you’ll need to know to upload into the Cloud
  • With your choice of using the free version or paying between $2 – $14 to use the Premium version
  • The free version in each of the resources will get you started just fine
  • More client love can potentially come your way
  • Definitely less stress for you since you’ll be confident that you know where your files are


And there’s more!

Your Cloud Freedom Bonus!

We’ve gathered 69 Cloud-based resources, organized them by category, ready for you to choose the ones that best fit your business model. “Cloud” your business to be truly free from the shackles that bind you to always carrying your computer or mobile device with you.

The Cloud can hold your entire business if you so choose. This bonus is a “done-for-you” list of websites, by category, that you can use to pick from to get your business model easily into the Cloud. No research time needed on your part. Choose the Cloud-based websites that best fits your needs and leap into Cloud freedom!

Did you know you can do all of the following from the Cloud, for FREE?!

  • Design websites

  • Host Websites
  • Create Collaborative Mindmaps
  • Create Schedules and Calendars
  • Make Outlines
  • Edit Video and Photos
  • Store Data
  • Convert File Formats
  • Edit Audio
  • and Much, Much More!

Secure your business, especially your video and photo portion of your business, in the Cloud. You truly don’t want to jeopardize your reputation and business because you dragged your feet.

Our marketing friend learned his lesson. Profit from his mistake. Refuse to let it happen to you.

Get the lowest price now – your business, blood pressure, stress level, and sanity plus avoiding the “beet-red face” are worth it!

Guarantee? Of course! 30 days, no questions asked.


NOTE: We reserve the right to raise the price at any time and to take this product off the market at any time. Historically, most of our products are available for about 2 weeks.

Support? Our email is in the downloads area if you have questions. We’re here for you! (but please do not use PM for customer support issues – email us instead.